‘Don’t want to remember him with grief’: Vikram Kirloskar’s wife Geetanjali Kirloskar pens yet another impactful article as a sequel to her popular eulogy titled ‘Celebrating Loss’

Bangalore (India), February 3: At times, certain individuals leave an indelible mark on others, creating an everlasting imprint in their hearts and memories. Vikram Kirloskar was one such person who imparted a unique perspective on handling loss, urging his wife to “celebrate the loss.” The 64-year-old chairman and managing director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd passed away from a heart attack in November 2022, initially plunging his family into mourning. However, his wife, Geetanjali Vikram Kirloskar, shared how Vikram, a man of diverse qualities and a brilliant mind, taught her to view pain positively.

Geetanjali Vikram Kirloskar penned a heartfelt eulogy for the Times of India, expressing the initial grief that enveloped her in the days following Vikram’s demise. Memories flooded back with every simple routine activity, making the decision to resume work and take charge of life, a daunting task. Despite the difficulty, Geetanjali highlighted how Vikram, who was dedicated to both his work and family, even found time to cook gourmet meals passionately for his wife and daughter after long days on the shop floor. One of his lasting lessons was instilling in her a sense of “happiness and positivity,” leading her to choose celebration over mourning in honour of her late husband.

In her eulogy’s conclusion, Geetanjali declared, “I have stopped mourning for my husband. I don’t want to remember him with grief and negativity. Else, he will frown from the heavens above. Yes, there is deep pain, but this is one loss that can be soothed with celebration.” The moving piece was shared on Twitter by user Prakash Mallya, who praised it as a beautifully written eulogy that prompts reflection on individuals’ lasting impact on others.

Netizens resonated with the emotional note, finding hope and inspiration to move beyond grief. Comments poured in expressing agreement with the positivity and attitude reflected in the eulogy. One user, touched by the article, shared their personal experience of losing a loved one and how reading about others overcoming grief provided a source of hope.

Remarkably, the article gained national and international acclaim, becoming viral over the course of a year. Its uplifting message has offered solace and guidance to numerous individuals navigating their own personal losses, fostering a positive approach to healing.

Geetanjali wrote a touching sequel titled “It’s been a year since…” after the first anniversary of her husband’s death, which is commonly known as ‘varsi’ in Hindi. The article was shared on her official blog and has made headlines, impacting many readers.

“Vikram built me up to be the person I am today. If I can look ahead and cope, it’s only because he helped me to stand firm. He was most indulgent, most caring. I was the most pampered wife ever, but he never weakened my capability to grow. To evolve and to create my own space. I was never this strong or independent, nor this positive. But unknowingly, I imbibed his strength and his values. That has given me the courage to stand alone in the face of extreme adversity. It insulated me against the storms and the fires. To look at life in the eye and take it head-on. To let go of any anchors and prepare for the long uphill hike, alone,” read a part of the sequel. 

Geetanjali Vikram Kirloskar’s eulogy and its sequel have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on numerous individuals. Her message of choosing celebration over mourning in honour of her late husband is a reminder to find positivity in the midst of grief and to cherish the memories of those we have lost.

To read the complete eulogy and its sequel, visit Mrs Kirloskar’s blog https://chatgkirloskar.blogspot.com/

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