From CEO to Export Pioneer: Francis Raxe’s Global Triumph Unveiled in Exclusive Podcast with Bhagirath Goswami

Surat (Gujarat) [India], February 2: In a recent podcast, Bhagirath Goswami hosted Francis Raxe, an accomplished professional with over three decades of international experience. Originating from V Chisar, India, and Francis embarked on a diverse career, from FMCG to leadership roles in agriculture, oil and gas, and steel. Notably, he served as the CEO of Bridging Nations and as Chief Marketing Officer for a global steel company.

Upon returning to India, Francis sought new avenues, leading him to the export business through Bhagirath Goswami’s Being Exporter program. Overcoming initial challenges, he successfully sent his first container after meticulous planning. Francis praised the program’s role in offering learning without significant financial investment, emphasizing its step-by-step guidance.

Francis introduced his international partner, Arena Pushko, from Ukraine, highlighting their collaboration to build business connections between Ukraine and India. The conversation showcased the resilience, determination, and collaborative spirit that define Francis Raxe’s remarkable journey in the global business landscape.