Indian Company Bootes And Swedish Company Ecoloo Group Launch Net Zero Solution To Save 97% Of Annual Water Wastage, Resulting In Significant Tax Savings Annually

  • An average Indian family in Delhi NCR flushes 4.3 million tons of water annually, resulting in significant fiscal wastage.
  • Install ‘S.A.F.E (Sustainable, Affordable, Feasible, and Efficient) Toilets’ that use ~200 ml of water for flushing.
  • BOOTES and ECOLOO Group’s Patented Water-Saving Solution to Scale Up Through Collaborations, Driving India Towards its Aatmanirbhar Vision.

New Delhi (India), January 24: Water scarcity is a pressing issue across India, affecting millions of people and posing a significant threat to the country’s agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors. The main contributing factors to water scarcity in India include using traditional toilet systems that consumer 6.5 litres of water per flush cycle, over-extraction of groundwater, pollution of water sources, inefficient water management, and the impacts of climate change. In Delhi NCR alone, it estimated that households collectively waste 4.3 million tons of water annually, which amounts to significant fiscal wastage. This huge amount of water wastage not only has a significant financial impact, but also exacerbates the already dire water scarcity situation in the region.

Addressing water scarcity in India requires a multi-faceted approach that includes sustainable management of water resources, improved infrastructure, and policies to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Failure to take prompt and effective action to address water scarcity will have severe consequences for the country’s economy, public health, and food security.

Not only is India facing water scarcity but is also plagued by the epidemic of water toxicity, which continues to impact millions of people across the country. With 80% of its water severely polluted, the population is forced to rely on illegal and expensive sources for their water needs. This has led to a widespread outbreak of waterborne diseases, with an estimated 37.7 million people affected annually. The economic burden of this crisis is also significant, with 1.5 million children dying of diarrhoea each year and 73 million working days lost, costing the country an estimated $600 million annually (BMC Public Health). The Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report 2018 of NITI Aayog further projects that about 600 million people may face water stress, constituting approximately 40% of India’s projected population by 2030. In the face of this crisis, it is clear that urgent action is needed to address the issue of water toxicity and scarcity in the country.

One potential solution to this crisis lies in the implementation of sustainable toilets. While there are sustainable toilet solutions available today, most of these are standalone installations. To create a far reaching impact, water infrastructure needs to be transformed at a broader community, city, state and country wide level. This can be made possible only with easy to implement, affordable, flexible and efficient solutions that can be installed via regional level partnerships.

To create a scalable solution to India’s pressing Water Issues, India’s first Net-Zero Construction Tech Company- BOOTES has partnered with Sweden-based ECOLOO Group to launch the most efficient toilet in the world called – ‘S.A.F.E (Sustainable, Affordable, Feasible and Efficient) Toilets’.

While the concept of ‘Bio Toilets’ has been experimented with in the past, there has been no comprehensive sanitation solution that focusses on all aspects of water preservation, energy savings, chemical free sewage treatments that not only helps save 97% of daily water consumption by utilising only 200 ml of water for flushing but also uses safe bacteria to produce an end product that is a nutritious fertilizer perfect for agriculture. This circular solution can be easily retrofitted to replace traditional toilets at low costs and is suited for both residential and commercial purposes. The S.A.F.E toilet is a self-contained, decentralized toilet system.  Designed for easy installation, use, and maintenance, these toilets are odour-free, eliminate the need for direct contact with waste, and do not require a septic or sewage treatment plant for installation. Unlike traditional toilets that use up to 6.5 litres of water per cycle, this system only needs 200 ml for washing and cleaning, and does not require water for flushing. These toilets are ergonomically designed, minimize energy consumption, and can be operated using renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power. In addition to being an affordable option, they also greatly reduce the cost of waste handling, STP and transportation.

The hardware toilet system is patented and is a unique offering that can be implemented on a wide scale through long-term partnerships, supporting the Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of making India Aatmanirbhar. BOOTES and ECOLOO Group have also been awarded the patent for the toilet cover with automatic opening and closing so the user does not see their own waste, making the toilet solution far more aesthetically and hygienically advanced. Furthermore, the sewage technology is an innovative solution as it flushes portable drinking water and also converts the waste from toilets using the nitrification process into a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients and safe for agricultural use.

“Water infrastructure planning in India is in dire need of an overhaul in order to effectively manage water resources and reduce the burden on rivers and borewells. Over extraction from rivers and borewells is impacting earth temperature which further results in earthquakes. A key aspect of this overhaul is the significant reduction of sewer network capacity by 90%. This reduction will not only channelize water consumption and create wider access to safe drinking water, but also save excessive water infrastructure development costs. By making these critical changes, India can better manage its water resources and ensure the availability of safe drinking water for its growing population. The implications of this ground-breaking technology are far-reaching, as it has the potential to not only improve the health and well-being of individuals, but also to contribute to the broader goal of achieving sustainable and equitable access to sanitation for all. It is imperative that India prioritize the overhaul of its water infrastructure planning and sanitation systems in order to ensure the health and well-being of its population”, stated Mr. Deepak Rai, Managing Director of BOOTES and a sustainability expert.

According to Imad Agi, Founder ECOLOO Group, “Sanitation and proper disposal of toilet waste are often considered difficult topics to discuss, yet they have a significant impact on our carbon footprint. On average, an individual produces 400g of faeces and 1.5 litres of urine daily, resulting in approximately 5,000 litres of water usage annually with each flush. Additionally, the energy required to pump clean water and transport wastewater to treatment facilities adds to the environmental impact. Despite this, flush toilets provide privacy, dignity, and help maintain hygienic standards. They also play a crucial role in diverting human waste from living areas, reducing unpleasant odours, and keeping potential pathogens at bay. However, inadequate sanitation facilities in poor urban communities and informal settlements pose considerable health risks, particularly for young children, leading to diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. By implementing sustainable and efficient sanitation systems, we can not only improve public health but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with toilet waste.”


Headquartered in Gurgaon, BOOTES is India’s first Net-Zero Company with the vision to be the pioneers in transformative and sustainable building solutions and, to redefine construction industry benchmarks towards a greener, healthier and Net-Zero/Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The company provides 360-degree solutions: Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer with best-in-class technologies that reduce Operating Costs & Carbon Footprint. BOOTES delivers sustainable and Aatmanirbhar infrastructure to actualise India’s Net-Zero goals 2070. 

About ECOLOO Group

ECOLOO Group is a prominent green technology organization headquartered in Sweden, focusing on sustainable sanitation solutions and other environmentally-friendly innovations. The company aims to tackle urgent waste, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues globally, with a particular focus on developing countries, to alleviate poverty and promote environmental sustainability in response to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through its Inclusive Social Business Model, the company collaborates with global partners to generate business and job opportunities, contributing to the improvement of our planet as a whole. 

The company has been globally recognized for its contributions and has won several awards and accolades such as: Top 10 Global Innovators & Solution Providers on Global Challenges at Solutions Summit 2016 (United Nations), Global CleanTech Innovation Program Sustainability Award 2016 (UNIDO, GEF & MIGHT, USA & Malaysia, Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA) 2022 (USA), Featured on UpLink and World Economic Forum as one of the circular economy innovations 2022 (Switzerland), Cohort of the Muhammed Bin Rashid Innovation Accelerator program 2021 (United Arab Emirates), to name a few. Added to this, ECOLOO Group is also an approved Member of Business Call to Action (BCtA) (UNDP, USA).

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