Rajashree Deshpande Won the title of Mrs Maharashtra Timeless Beauty in Diva Pageant 2023

New Delhi (India), January 1: Has anyone said that working so hard that your success will make noise? Yes, today we are talking about such a successful woman, Mrs. Rajashree Deshpande, living in Maharashtra, who, after becoming a professional singer, is currently working in the fashion and modeling industry. She is also moving ahead step by step and is also achieving the title with her hard work. Yes, let us tell you that recently Mrs. Maharashtra Beauty Contest 2023 was organized by Diva Pageant in which Rajashree also participated and in the same In the show, Rajshree hoisted the flag of her success by winning the title of Mrs Maharashtra Timeless Beauty 2023 her hard work and true dedication. Let us tell you that Rajashree has her own singing academy named Saptak Music Academy, and she also has her own YouTube channel named Rajashree Just Another Dreamer, where she showcases her songs. At the same time, Rajshree is also a maths teacher and she also gives coaching to small children. And now, her dream is to move ahead in the fashion industry and become a great model, which she has already started. While talking to the media, Rajashree says that the journey of the show was very good, and I got to learn a lot, due to which I could reach here. Rajashree further told me that to win this title, I had to go through many big rounds, which included a talent round, introduction round, etc., and after passing one round after another, I was successful in reaching my destination and winning this title. Did in your name.

Rajashree further said that in this entire journey, my family members have supported me completely and encouraged me every moment, and whatever I am today is because of them. She was also grateful to DIVA PAGEANTS Anjana ma’am and Karl sir for helping her throughout the journey.