BOOTES India And Swedish Company URBS Launch Cooling-As-A-Service To Cut India’s Energy Costs Up To 50 per cent

Benefits Residential And Commercial Sectors By Slashing Initial Project Costs By 25% And Ongoing Operational Costs By 80%.

Gurgaon (Haryana) [India], December 26:In a significant move towards sustainable building technologies, BOOTES, a pioneering Net-Zero Construction-Tech company in India, has announced its partnership with Stockholm-based urbs to introduce a state-of-the-art Cooling-As-A-Service solution. This collaboration marks a turning point in energy efficient cooling and heating efforts across Indian homes, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, data centres, cold storage and warehouses as it can be implemented at low costs in new constructions and pre-existing structures, lowers energy costs by 50%, reduces carbon emissions by as much as 85%, eliminates internal air and dust circulation, thereby paving the way for higher indoor air quality as world’s best standards.

BOOTES and urbs bring forward a technology that is deeply rooted in the advanced Nordic principles of energy efficiency. The service utilizes hydronic systems, a water-based technology known for its superior energy capacity, outperforming traditional air-based systems by 400% and delivering a natural and consistent cooling / heating effect. Our systems can be retrofitted into pre-existing buildings, which means these systems are typically integrated into the building’s infrastructure, either within the floor or ceiling panels, enhancing the overall indoor air quality and reducing the need for conventional air conditioning / heating units. The flexibility of seamless integration significantly reduces the complexity and cost of installing energy efficient geothermal temperature control systems. Hydronic Cooling is gaining preference amongst residential and commercial users as they provide several economic, environmental and operational benefits to users as compared to traditional cooling and heating systems. Hydronic Cooling systems enhance air quality by reducing air volume, eliminate wet surface coils, thereby decreasing bacterial growth. Additionally, these include noise-free operation due to the absence of fans and compressors, have a better control of dust and allergens due to minimal air circulation, improve air quality, deliver a uniform temperature distribution, ensure a draft-free cooling and heating experience, and as a consequence enhance the overall user experience.

Emphasising on the much-needed demand for a Cooling-As-A-Service, Mr. Deepak Rai, Managing Director of BOOTES and a sustainability expert, stated “the concept of Cooling-As-A-Service is a revolutionary solution especially for existing buildings, offering a swift and cost-effective transition to high quality indoor systems. Retrofitting these systems is not only more manageable but also significantly cheaper compared to new constructions. Our service disrupts the traditional market by making high-efficiency systems affordable, we will achieve this through innovative design, streamlined installation, 25-year maintenance support and ease of financing to help realtors and developers save ~25% of project implementation costs and 80% of ongoing operational costs.”

According to Will Sibia, Founder of urbs, “The increase in worldwide temperatures and the escalating worries about the environmental consequences of conventional air conditioning systems have led to a greater focus on the necessity for more eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling and heating methods. By integrating historically proven principles of sustainable construction from ancient India with advanced Nordic technologies, the Cooling-as-a-service solution launched by BOOTES in collaboration with urbs represents a versatile and innovative approach towards indoor climate regulation. We believe the demand for this service will increase exponentially over the next few decades as this its potential applications span across various sectors including residential, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, educational, cold storage, warehouses, and data storage facilities.”

As India continues to grapple with the challenges of urbanization, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability, the introduction of Cooling-As-A-Service by BOOTES in partnership with urbs is a significant step forward. This initiative not only aligns with the global goals of reducing carbon footprint but also offers a practical and innovative solution to the pressing need for energy-efficient building technologies. With its comprehensive approach, cutting-edge technology, and focus on sustainability, this service is poised to make a lasting impact on the Indian building sector and contribute significantly to a greener, more sustainable Net-Zero future.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, BOOTES is India’s first Net-Zero Company with the vision to be the pioneers in transformative and sustainable building solutions and, to redefine construction industry benchmarks towards a greener, healthier and Net-Zero/Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The company provides 360-degree solutions: Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer with best-in-class technologies that reduce Operating Costs & Carbon Footprint. BOOTES delivers sustainable and Aatmanirbhar infrastructure to actualise India’s Net-Zero goals 2070. 

About urbs

urbs is a Stockholm-based sustainable development firm established in 2019 with ongoing and upcoming projects in New York, Stockholm, Dubai, Istanbul, and New Delhi. urbs is a true system integrator that partners with investors, real estate developers, and city districts to deliver sustainable solutions for real estate and infrastructure. urbs draws its strength on the proven Nordic technologies and expertise to execute development and projects that focus on profitable return on investment, significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promotion of circular economy principles, and inclusive growth.

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