“Revolutionizing Men’s Health: Tregma Healthtech Launches ManMedics, the First-Ever Doctors-Crafted Wellness Brand”

New Delhi (India), December 25: Tregma Healthtech has unveiled ManMedics India’s pioneering digital clinic designed exclusively for men and crafted by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, biotechnologists and clinical researchers. The venture is founded by an esteemed team of doctors including Dr. Charu Sharma, MS and Dr. Sachin Bhardwaj, MD.

Dr. Sharma is a recognized doctor and researcher, with a decade’s experience in reproductive health and Ayurveda. She has been treating patients in more than 8 countries and has been awarded at various international platforms for her contribution in research. She has previously worked with the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, IIT Bombay and is also an alumni of the prestigious All India Institute of Ayurveda.

Dr. Bhardwaj is the Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the company. He is a doctor turned entrepreneur, he has worked with various prestigious institutes, hospitals as a clinical researcher and advisor. He is leading their R&D team and also leads a community of 40k + doctors. They have published various books, research articles and patents. They are on a mission to revolutionize wellness with biotech driven ayurveda solutions for a better future.

The integrated digital health clinic aims to revolutionize men’s wellness by providing holistic personalized solutions   for sexual health dysfunction. Integrative medicine is key to the future. Dr. Bhardwaj and his team worked for 3 years to develop and clinically validate the technology – Tregma technology to enhance the bioavailability of active components for an advanced action.

As per Allied Market Research, the Indian sexual wellness market achieved a value of $1.53 billion in 2020 and is projected to hit $2.0954 billion by 2030, indicating a 5.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2030. Regarding men’s sexual health, recent studies indicate that Testosterone deficiency affects a substantial percentage of adult males, ranging from 10% to 40%, while about 20% of adolescent males also experience this issue.

ManMedics has emerged as a crucial brand, offering nanotechnology driven solutions backed by years of research, meticulously formulated by a team of dedicated doctors. Dr. Bhardwaj shared, “We can understand and better manage men’s health problems, treating them with the care they deserve, the future of men’s wellness is here” This ethos underpins their mission to enhance patient health through personalized, tech-driven, and effective treatment plans, aiming to empower male wellness along with pioneering innovative solutions.

At the heart of ManMedics lies an AI-powered platform, elevating user experiences by efficiently catering to individual needs. The platform functions as an intuitive guide, offering insights and recommendations, ensuring a seamless journey towards improved wellness. Dr. Sharma highlighted the uniqueness of ManMedic, stating, “Our strength lies in being the first men’s wellness brand founded by doctors. We’ve dedicated years to perfecting formulations that prioritize efficacy and safety, surpassing conventional medicines.”

The brand’s flagship product, TestoXXX, embodies the essence of ManMedic’s commitment to advanced action. This Tregma technology harnesses the power of bioactive drugs, naturally boosting testosterone levels in men Furthermore, the clinic offers an array of specialized products catering to men’s sexual wellness. Each product undergoes stringent manufacturing protocols under expert medical supervision. The brand’s discreet delivery system makes sure that the goods, and services are delivered while maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality of its customers.

When asked about their inspiration behind founding the company, the founders emphasized their belief in integrative medicine as the future of healthcare. Driven by a vision to globalize Ayurveda-derived Nanotech solutions, their interdisciplinary team of doctors, biotechnologists, and researchers strives to innovate healthcare solutions that resonate on a global scale. ManMedics stands as an innovative healthcare brand, embodying a well-rounded approach to men’s wellness, driven by expertise, care, and technological advancement. As the world witnesses the rise of digital health solutions, the brand emerges as a pioneering force dedicated to improving men’s health and overall well-being. The company is launching their products in Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

For more details about the brand, visit its website: https://manmedics.com/

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