Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform: Revolutionizing Asset-Intensive Industries with Mobile-First Solutions

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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 18: It’s no secret that collaboration inefficiencies can substantially lower a plant technician’s productive time. According to industry estimates, only around 30 percent of their time is actually productive. However, digital technologies that enable them to complete forms online have proven effective in reducing human errors that usually come with manual data entry while also improving the speed of record movement.

Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform has gone a step further in improving the completion of work orders by accelerating response times.

Innovapptive’s field-ready business applications enable organizations to effortlessly exchange information, enhancing inspection, inventory management, and plant maintenance operations. With real-time visibility to critical field data, office personnel stay informed while field workers can prioritize their tasks. The outcome is a boost in productivity, leading to a new era of industrialization.

It enables the execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with time, date, and operator verification, ensuring that required checks are performed and validated through location tracking. The platform also collects important real-time oil and gas data, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, lube oil level, and bearing vibration. This data is transferred to qualified decision-makers to detect off-nominal operating conditions and take proactive measures.

The cutting-edge Connected Worker Platform brings together a host of powerful technologies to deliver a truly seamless experience for field workers. Cloud, mobile, web, chat, social, wearables, IoT, and AI/ML all come together in one easy-to-use app.

With the platform’s deep integration with smart wearables like the Apple Watch, field workers can effortlessly monitor their health and activity levels. Smart glasses enable frontline workers to complete complex tasks with remote guidance from experts, while voice-enabled tools allow for truly hands-free data entry in the field. Machine learning algorithms automatically recognize equipment, and barcoding technology automates the data capture process during inventory runs.

Meanwhile, with indoor and outdoor navigation capabilities, the platform ensures that workers always know where they are and where they need to go. All these features are delivered securely through the Connected Worker Platform, ensuring peace of mind for managers and workers alike.

The platform tackles key operational challenges by facilitating work identification, planning and scheduling, execution, collaboration, closure, and insights. By capturing field inspection data, planning schedules, and executing work on one platform, front-line and back-office workers can exchange critical information regarding asset conditions. This results in improved communication and immediate responses to safety hazards or equipment issues.

The rapid identification of malfunctions of plant equipment, converted into maintenance notifications on mobile, allows organizations to ensure efficient plant operations. Real-time collaboration between workers and visibility across the network is also significant contributor to improving overall maintenance response times. Control centres and real-time visualization of asset health status reporting are other features aiding efficient operations.

It is of significance to note that Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform takes it up a notch with its ability to collect and analyze data from IoT systems. This coordinates information about asset maintenance history, worker location, and asset location, predicting equipment uptime, productivity, compliance, safety, and long-term asset utilization strategies. By developing predictive insights and recommendations in this regard, Innovapptive is enabling its customers to stay ahead of potential issues and take proactive measures.

Innovapptive’s platform is highly customizable, allowing organizations to match their specific operational needs by geography, role, or user. The company also provides dedicated customer support, training, and certification courses that cater to changing business requirements. Gamification is an exciting addition to the Connected Worker Platform, as it promotes user engagement and increased usage to enhance operational capability.

Innovative has a strong track record in serving some of the largest Fortune 500 organizations like Chevron, Phillips Chemicals, Shell, DuPont, and EDF Renewable Energy. With the Connected Worker Platform, Innovapptive anticipates helping businesses achieve increased uptime, boost safety, and improve overall productivity.

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