Inspired By the Use of Agile In Enterprises, Mr. Satyavrat Nirala Creates the Agile Education Manifesto to Transform the Education Sector

The Enterprise Coach molds the Agile manifesto to leverage the education sector

New Delhi [India], April 26: For more than two decades, most software development projects around the world are executed using the Agile methodology. The project management approach gives importance to seamless collaboration, encourages interactions, and prepares a team for embracing changes along the way. Established in 2001, the foundation of this methodology lies in the Agile Manifesto drafted by Kent Beck, Mike Beedle, James Grenning, and a bunch of other professionals.

Two decades after the Agile Manifesto was drafted, Mr. Satyavrat Nirala, a noted Enterprise Coach, has molded it into a set of principles for transforming the education sector. Retaining the essence of Agile, he has created the Agile Education Manifesto as its Chief Author.

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development highlighted the importance of individuals, interactions, collaboration, working software, and embracing change while working on a software development project. Treading parallelly, Mr. Nirala’s Agile Education Manifesto includes the following:

Adaptive Learning Approached Over Rigid Traditional Approaches Agile Learning Culture Over Comprehensive Content Healthy Collaboration Over Unhealthy Competition Feedforward Over Feedback.

Having an experience of over 17 years in coaching teams in the IT, Publishing, eCommerce, and Marketing departments, Mr. Nirala is well-versed with the core of Agile. Upon understanding the complexities of running an organization and bringing multiple teams closer to inherent goals, he realized how similar this is to managing an educational institution. Mr. Nirala draws parallels between a business enterprise and a school or university regarding the need for flexibility, collaboration, and change management. This motivated him to take the initiative of developing a Scaled Agile Framework to help students, teachers, and other professionals working in the education sector embark on a journey toward change.

Mr. Nirala believes that there is a dearth of original ideas and flexibility in several areas of the global education sector. He says, “Living in the age of digitization, we see dynamic changes being implemented in the IT industry every other day. However, the education sector still suffers from age-old methodologies and rigid practices. Drafting the Agile Education Manifesto has allowed us to ignite the much-needed spark of change in the realm of education, allowing students and teachers to uncover the true essence of learning and teaching, respectively!”

To read the Agile Education Manifesto and its principles, click here:

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