Yumeatd’s: The Solution to Your Late-Night Snacking Woes with High-Protein, Low-Calorie Wafer Cookies!  

New Delhi (India), April 12: Are you one of those people that like eating at midnight? It turns out that the practice of “midnight munching,” as it is known, is fairly widespread among college students and people who work late hours. The issue with this is that the readily available snacks at that time are frequently the least healthy, such as chips, instant noodles, soft drinks, and more, which disrupt both your digestive system and sleep cycle. The answer is right here for you. The Yumeatd’s brand was developed by Gujarati entrepreneur Karan Vaghasiya to offer Indian consumers centre-filled wafer biscuits in 4 enticing flavors that are great for late-night munchies.

Yumeatd’s is the answer for millennia’s who are choosing healthy options as a result of more awareness. The business has introduced a line of trans-fat-free, high-protein, low-calorie wafer cookies.

A healthy option for your late-night snacking is these center-filled crunchy wafer biscuit rolls, which are available in 4 delectable flavors including crunchy chocolate, crunchy orange, crunchy pineapple, and crunchy strawberry. All you need to do is take a wafer and swallow it whole.

According to the CEO, Karan Vaghasiya, Yumeatd’s is a company that values its clients. Indians enjoy chewing on food. There aren’t many pleasant and healthful snack options, though, that individuals may enjoy without ruining their diets. I, therefore, consider taking action to remedy the dilemma. Consequently, we developed Yumeatd’s, a healthy initiative! I’m overjoyed that this has garnered such positive feedback. We are eager to offer our consumers a wide range of options.”

As individuals become more health conscious, there is a growing desire for wholesome but enjoyable snacks. The industry is progressively growing, and consumers are looking for various types of nutrient-dense snacks made from natural and plant-based ingredients. The market for healthy snacks is anticipated to grow and become popular despite its challenges. The company is dedicated to striking a balance between taste and wellness through its innovative culinary items. For instance, due to their 12% protein content and 1% maida content, their center-filled wafer cookie rolls are the perfect choice for nutritious snacking.

In addition to wafer rolls, Yumeatd’s also offers peanut butter and ginger-garlic paste. Yumeatd’s peanut butter is a fantastic source of healthy fats. Yumeatd’s peanut butter is the richest source of plant-based protein because it is made from just natural ingredients.

A healthy lifestyle must be maintained for the body to function properly. Even after eating well all day, those unexpected midnight hunger cravings can ruin the plan. Beyond the traditional trail mix, the market for healthy snacks in India has increased dramatically, particularly after the worldwide pandemic broke out and at the same rate as new-age companies entered the market with innovative healthy snacking solutions.

Yumeatd’s, one of these businesses, has introduced delectable snacks with low-fat content and high-protein content to the Indian market. Its peanut butter is already winning over customers. To entirely rule the Indian market for healthy snacks, the business has recently developed its center-filled wafer cookies in 4 delectable flavors.

If you’re looking for a sweet midnight snack that will satisfy your cravings, look no further than Yumeatd’s delicious mini roll sticks. Indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla as you sink your teeth into these delectable treats. But that’s not all – Yumeatd’s has taken it a step further with their centered-filled roll sticks, bursting with creamy chocolate, rich vanilla, and an array of other tempting flavors. With Yumeatd’s, you can treat yourself to a little slice of heaven anytime, anywhere.

For more information, visit: https://yumeatds.com/

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