“Discovering the Original Meaning of Varna: A Highlight of Badrinath’s Jayam”

New Delhi (India), March 28: Jayam, Badri’s upcoming book, offers an intriguing exploration of the concept of dharma, promising to be a stimulating and instructive read for anyone interested in the topic. The book’s description poses several fundamental questions that have captivated humanity for centuries, including the definition of dharma and whether it differs for different individuals, and the existence of free will and our ability to take control of our lives.

What sets Badri’s book apart is his method, which is based on the teachings of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, two historic Indian epics that have had a long-lasting impact on literature, philosophy, and culture. Badri has spent more than 18 years studying and deciphering dharma, drawing on his interactions with over 900 people worldwide to offer a multifaceted viewpoint on the topic.

“Among Jayam’s most intriguing features is the varna model developed by Badri. While the original varna system is frequently confused with caste in modern India, it was founded on a person’s natural interests and talents rather than their birth”. Badri’s varna model aims to revive this original understanding and offer people a framework for identifying their particular strengths and weaknesses. Another idea offered by Badri is the Swadharma model, which emphasizes the value of pursuing one’s inner calling synchronized with societal expectations.

Jayam promises to be a captivating exploration of dharma and its contemporary relevance. Badri’s background as a coach, consultant, and human resources professional has enabled him to apply his knowledge to real-world situations and assist individuals in achieving internal transformation. Through his book, he hopes to share his knowledge and inspire readers to take action towards human excellence.

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