Looking For Wholesome Nutrition? Ditch Traditional Nutritional Supplements

New Delhi (India), March 23: Despite eating three meals a day, and topping it up with some snacks or beverages in between, you may still fall short of your daily nutritional requirement. The typical Indian diet falls miserably short. 90% of doctors agree that it fulfils only 70 per cent (and in some cases, even lower) of the nutritional needs of a person [1].

Even if you happen to be among those privileged few whose daily intake contains all the essential nutrients – either from a carefully planned and implemented diet or through nutritional supplements that promise to fill the nutritional gaps – you can never be sure just how good or bad your body’s nutrient absorption capacity is.

In short, just ensuring a healthy intake of essential nutrients is not enough. It’s important to ensure that your body actually benefits from the healthy foods you feed it. Now, how do you do that? The answer – Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.

What Are Enzymes? What Role Do They Play?
ENZYMES are the biological catalysts produced in the body to help break down food into nutrients that nourish and fuel the body. Enzymes are crucial for several processes, including digestion, immunity and liver function, etc. Sadly, as we age, our body produces fewer enzymes, making digestion less efficient.

What Are Probiotics? What Role Do They Play?

The human body hosts millions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. While some of them may prove to be dangerous, the vast majority are really good for the body and aid in strengthening the body’s immune function, heart health and digestion. These beneficial bacteria (aptly called ‘good bacteria’) are called PROBIOTICS.

Everything from the process of digestion to that of assimilation and from the central nervous system to the immune system function, along with other body functions is impacted by the gut microbiome and enzymes.

The human body can naturally produce the necessary enzymes and probiotics for smooth functioning. However, due to factors like ageing, stress, diet, infections and lifestyle, this ability can sometimes get diminished, leading to a deficiency of necessary probiotics and enzymes. Poor diets, antibiotics, and other external factors can also have a severe impact on the gut microbiome, which can prove to be harmful in the long run.

It is therefore necessary to replenish & regulate the growth and survival of bacteria inside the gut for better absorption of nutrients.

This is where WELLFATM (short for ‘Wellness for All’) steps into the picture. WELLFA is a nutrition and wellness brand from Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. with a scientifically formulated and clinically proven product range that is powered with ingredients, that are naturally sourced and which will support the individual’s daily nutritional needs with zero side effects.

WELLFA’s focus lies in   enriched with essential enzymes and probiotics in easy and efficient formats, that ensure ‘WHOLESOME NUTRITION’ and superior quality of life for consumers.

With an initial range of 10 products that caters to different nutritional needs of the human body, WELLFATM aims to change the way we look at health and nutritional supplements.

WELLFATM encourages you to experience daily nutrition as it should be – effective and easy.

70% of human immunity lies in the gut. By improving gut health with the combined power of probiotics and enzymes, WELLFA’s range of   promises not just essential nutrients, but wholesome nutrition.

Whether you’re adding a dash of Vitamin C or Zinc to your diet for stronger immunity or powering your body with  to manage stress, easing your digestion & maximizing your nutrient absorption with its proprietary enzymes & probiotic blends or helping your skin get youthful with collagen or brighter with glutathione,

WELLFATM supplements make sure that your body absorbs most of these nutrients instead of just passing through the body with minimal or no positive effect.

WELLFATM has launched its range of scientific & clinically proven products aiming to boost its consumers’ immunity, digestive health, gut health, skin health, energy & performance, respiratory health & body weight management with consumer-friendly dosage formats along with great taste.

WELLFA’s mission is to bring you the products that help individuals keep a check on their nutritional balance and overall well-being, through clinically proven formulations which are naturally sourced and 100% safe.

WELLFATM – Part of a rich legacy.

WELLFATM is part of Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. – the largest enzyme manufacturing Indian MNC. With a rich legacy spanning several decades, they have pioneered the production of 400+ proprietary products developed from over 65 indigenous enzymes & probiotics.

With 3 wholly owned subsidiaries, 3 joint ventures and 5 step-down subsidiaries, Advanced Enzyme is a global leader in the manufacturing of enzymes. They have been catering to 700+ clients in 45 countries across 6 continents worldwide.

Now the company has taken a bold step to enter into the consumer’s nutrition space with its innovative & differentiated wholesome daily nutrition products powered by enzymes & probiotics which enhance nutrient absorption.

WELLFATM was conceived for the sole purpose of inspiring everybody to prioritise their health, so that its consumers can live life to the fullest and improve their Quality of Life.


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