All about the Shipbreaking Industry and Heartbreaking Emotions – Broken Anvils

Cover Page “BROKEN ANVILS” penned down by Rohith Agarwal 

India, December 2: We witnessed the introduction of a pretty unique piece of writing that was penned by a shipbreaking industry leader whose name has frequently been mentioned in the media due to the fact that he is a staunch champion of sustainable practices. If nothing else, his name is now inextricably linked to the industry’s most illustrious namesakes, the who’s who of shipbreaking.

In addition to his inventiveness, Rohith Agarwal’s literary skill in stringing together words to create a lovely work named “BROKEN ANVILS” has caused waves on both sides of the ocean.

Mr Agarwal received the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) award in 2021 and the Environmental Performance award in 2019. Mr Agarwal’s involvement in the Indian shipbreaking business ranges from engaging with various governmental and non-governmental bodies to publishing a syndicated column in magazines to being reached out to advise on the shipbreaking industry’s latest developments.

The following is a remark that was made by Agarwal at the unveiling of the book cover: “I feel ‘Broken Anvils’ is my first and finest piece of writing I can ever make. Perhaps this is because I wrote it with complete focus while we were all in a lockdown and thereafter.”

The author relates the narrative of a young guy in Gujrat who, in an effort to improve his life, explores a number of different avenues. Jeevan was misled, and now he is ready to start again as he stands in front of one of the largest ship-breaking yards in Gujarat. Unfortunately, his confidence is immediately dashed when he realises that the most significant danger the employees face comes from the yard itself, which may potentially consume them their whole. After overcoming a number of obstacles, he finally finds happiness when he is reunited with the person he has always loved and makes some new friends. To advocate for the rights of workers, he joins forces with them. However, not long after he went to pursue the career of his dreams, the responsibilities he had left behind at home began to appear in his doorway. Will Jeevan, who is torn between the pressures of his personal life and the needs of his community, be able to triumph over his own challenges and the problems that he faces in his neighbourhood in order to become a hero for the yard?

According to Rohith, he was able to give his most recent book the kind of intense attention it deserved during the lockdown, something that had never been possible in the past. He explained that his work would transport readers into the world of young adults and the difficulties associated with individuals living below the poverty line. He went on to say that in this day and age, if you want to give customers a full-fledged reading experience and want them to put their phone down for a time, the book needs to contain some proper degree of substance in it in order for individuals to be captivated by it and read it all the way through. He claimed that in addition to other elements, he included romantic drama, suspense, and exhilaration in his work to make it more compelling.

Since it appeals to readers of all ages and walks of life, the book is sure to be a smashing hit, says Agarwal. He said, “I am happy to explore the fictitious category for the first time as an author,” and he went on to say that individuals who had seen excerpts from the book had provided “a tremendous reply to it.”

You may get a hold of a paperback copy of it at Notion Press and Amazon.

Mr. Rohith Agarwal has been outspoken about the need to prioritise the many facets of sustainable development, including but not limited to the following: the economy, the community, the occupational groups, the government, the environment, the culture, the physiology, the circular economy, the energy savings, the sustainable material choices, the environmental product declaration, constant research and innovation, and corporate social responsibility. In the past, he has expressed his sincere admiration for the amazing efforts put in by shipbreaking workers in their work place through the song “Alang Hamari Jaan Hai” the endless hours that the workers spend working motivated Agarwal to conceptualize this song. He has also been a strong advocate for the need to deal with issues like the oil spill, environmental transformations, the consequences of global warming, and green growth ideas.

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