Gurgaon Based company brews a unique event on Beer Day

Originally started in the United States, Beer Day came to light with the idea of celebrating the craft of brewing! 

Gurugram, August 5: People worldwide have devoted an entire day to celebrate one of the staples that can easily be found in a good bar. To join the world in this celebration, Adsparkx– a Gurgaon-based young organization, brewed an event like no other! 

You must have often heard people talk about working from mountains, working from cafes, working from home but have you ever seen a team working from a brewery that too with their Managers? 

Guess what? Adsparkx actually did that.

This organization believes in the power of Right Brew and Right Crew! 

Over the years, they have built a work culture where work and fun go hand in hand, and they have made sure to mention it as one of their core values – Work Smart, Party Hard. 

So, they tried to seize the hop-portunity! 

This International Beer Day, Adsparkx did something larger than life. 

They did something that was never seen or heard of before. Team Adspark decided to change the view of their workstation for once and went to a brewery! 

You must be wondering what exactly went down there. So, we asked them the same, which is what we got to know.

Oh, It Was A Brew-tiful Day!

“We know people will have their inhibitions when it comes to taking work to the brewery, and we wanted to change that. Hence, we stepped into a brewery to celebrate this day & MOST IMPORTANTLY- work!” – Vipul Taneja.

Please, don’t think they are un-beer-liveable!

You may think that work from the brewery is impossible but honestly, they said it was still a booze-y day for them. From sipping on beer to taking work calls, there wasn’t a single moment where they regretted the idea! In fact, it was beer-ly loved by the team! 

It was a Work-Sip-Repeat kind of day!

So, to all the people who say this isn’t practical, Adsparkx have something to tell you- Why be salty when you can be malty!